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  by RS-3
A S-1 (and S-3 I'd guess?) should weigh real close to 100 tons, or 20,000 pounds less that A&A's weigh limit. So that shouldn't be a problem. (And why I'd recomend the S-1/3 over the S-2/4 which should weigh about 230,000 pounds. Though that's only 10,000 pounds over the limit and maybe within reach with some upgrades?)


  by nessman
Ah OK... you're right...

S1 - ~193,000 lbs
S2 - ~230,000 lbs

Other alternatives...

EMD SW-1 - ~194,000 lbs
Alco HH600 - ~198, 000 lbs
  by pablo
Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong on the HH660, but I'll be willing to bet that it's junk. It ran, based on what I heard, when it left Relco, but various mishaps on the way to the WNYRHS didn't help. Two years ago, I took pictures of it, and kids or someone had pried open the front door and the elements and other creatures then had access to it. I suspect that the WNYRHS has done nothing more with it, and when someone finally pays attention to it, it will be useful only as a static display. A shame, really, because like I said....it ran only a few years ago, and well....

Dave Becker

  by BSOR Patarak
I stand corrected on the "simple" conversion of the cat power to something else. I guess I never though that those old 17000 only ran at 1000 RPM! Thanks for the correction.

Looks like it would take some 558 or similar gens. Looks like it's getting more expensive! :D

Anyone know of 44 tonners that were successfully converted?

  by Benjamin Maggi
I am sorry, I meant that 110 had been gutted and used for parts in #111. I didn't mean to say that #111 had been gutted and was now unoperational.

  by nessman
Rode the 2:00 excursion today... I'll have to say that overall track is in better shape now than it was last time we rode the A&A a few years ago. Some spots looked up to Class-2 standards... brush cutting along the line was evident. There are still a few rough spots that really need attention... in time I presume.

112 sounded great... the 5-chime facing north into the open gon was a nice treat.
  by BSOR Patarak
I have to agree, the 5 chimes do sound great! When 112 first arrived in Arcade, it came with a single chime thing that sounded like tractor trailer air horn. Sure was glad when they took 110's horn and installed it on 112. It echos in the valley nicely! Also it isn't so loud that it is obnoxious.

  by pablo
I thought the track wasn't bad last winter when I rode the Santa train with my daughter. Sure, we went slow, but felt better than I expected. For what that's worth.

Dave Becker