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  by Benjamin Maggi
How much trackage actually exists that would need to be redone? How long is the entire line? One day, I actually want to walk it from the interchange to curriers and photograph it all.

  by nessman
Take a look at my website (linked below)... I have a lot of good A&A info on there.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Les, I have seen your webpage before (I used to live in Rochester) and think it is great. I think I could walk 15 miles in one day, as long as I arranged a ride at the other end so I didn't have to walk 15 back!

On another note, this is THE FIRST A&A forum topic to go to TWO PAGES! Congradulations all for your input!

  by BSOR Patarak
As for parts, you say that GE still makes everything that's on them -- I sure hope that you have a good parts catalog for a 44 tonner! Ever try doing business with Logan? Unless you know what the part number is, don't even bother picking up the phone to call them (their people in customer service are worthless). Like I said before, trying to find parts for those old Cat engines in the 44 tonners is next to impossible
They actually do have the parts books and indexes for the 44 tonners and 65 tonner. I agree...if you don't know exactly what you are looking for it is tough to get stuff from Logan. When I say every part is available, it may not all be from GE per say. They do still however make all of the relays, contactors and gens/motors. If not available new, there are several qualified rebuilders around the US.

The only thing with Logan is knowing part numbers. Many parts have the GE numbers stamped on them somewhere....but not always. Logan also likes the newest number. This is the tough part. Even with a parts book (the A&A's probably haven't been updated in 20 plus years) GE makes revisions. If you catch the right person at Logan, they dig in the archives and can get newer numbers. I've even used them to update parts book. You do still find obsolete parts though.

Many of the other parts and accessories are still available OEM and aftermarket.

As for the Cat parts of 111, they are indeed getting harder to find and EXPENSIVE. Syracuse Supply can get most gaskets and normal wear items such as injectors. Specific parts to the older cats, ie internal block parts are scarce and I don't think are being made by Cat anymore. There are a few used equipment dealers that either have old stock or get after market. That is why I'd recommend replacing the cats with newer Cummins that have a better parts supply available. It would take a new bell housing to mate the gen set...but not too big of a deal.
  by BSOR Patarak
Most of the mainline is 70 pound rail, including from the interchange to the Mill Street Crossing and Prosil to North Java. There is a small section of an odd ball near Genesee Road, could be a 60 pound. In this section I found a piece dated 1892.

The mainline from Mill Street to Prosil was upgraded in the early 1980's to 100 pound. Since then there has been small quantities of heavier rail acquired by the A&A and installed in various places. I know there is scattered sections of 100 south of Curriers and over the bridge at Beaver Meadows. The most recent upgrades have been at the Reisdorf Mill. They have spent considerable time and money on installing 105 pound rail through the whole mill complex, including 3 switches and the crossing. The A&A also acquired a small section of 131 pound rail and over the last couple of years has begun replacing crossings with this heavier rail. These include, Genesee Rd, Curriers Road, Route 98 North Crossing and Humbert Road, These crossings also have buffer rails on the approaches.

The new machinery acquired has also gone along way in making this kind of work easier. One of the next concerns would be the drainage and roadbed. More ties, ballast, surfacing and culvert maintenance will go a long way to improving the track.
  by BSOR Patarak


Here is a picture taken just behind the Arcade Town Highway Barn on the main.

I wonder what the oldest rail in use on a mainline is?
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  by thebigham
Thanks, Pat, for the pic and all the info.

Isn't the rail on the exBuffalo & Susquehanna line the original rail laid down in 1905-1907?


  by BSOR Patarak
Isn't the rail on the exBuffalo & Susquehanna line the original rail laid down in 1905-1907?
I do believe that to be correct, with the exception of what has been replaced through the years. I know the west most Main Street Crossing was upgraded to 100 pound along with the switch and siding that went into Drakes in the early 80's.

There is a good chance that there is also rail from the B&S used elsewhere on the line too. As the Wellsville & Buffalo was pulling up the line north towards Buffalo, the A&A purchased some. No doubt it was spread on the rest of the mainline too.

  by Pete D
Rather than buy another engine, why not repower 111 with cummins engines as was done on 112 and install MU equipment on both engines?

  by Benjamin Maggi
#111 cannot just be repowered because it has been used for parts for #112, and thus needs a bit of work. Plus, it doesn't have MU capability so using it would require another engineer.

  by nessman
So if 110 and 111 are out of service, along with the steamers, what's the plan if 112 finally kicks it?

What about the WNYRHS HH660 stored on the Buffalo Southern, one of the the 80-ton center-cabs at the RGVRRM? Anything local, interchange ready they can use in a pinch?

With the A&A's 110-ton weight limit, the choice of locomotive seems fairly limited.

  by BSOR Patarak
111 is still operational. 110 had an engine removed and it was placed in 111. There is very little of use left on 110. Last I knew, 111 awaited the turning down of a high flange or two was all it needed to return to service.

My personal feelings are that two Cummins should be rebuilt and made to fit on 111. This does require a bit more work syncing the power and mounting brackets to make them fit. It would be a bit of an undertaking...once it was done, the prime movers wouldn't be a problem any more. They'd provide for plenty of power and be more fuel efficient.

The MU set up would take a bit of work to make happen. Would require air brake piping changes and major electrical changes. Both engines are both mechanical throttles and some sort of governor sycronization would have to be added.

  by EDM5970
Putting a modern Cummins engine in a 44 tonner would also require a new main generator, not just a bell housing modification. The Cat D-17000 is a 1000 RPM engine, while the newer Cummins engines turn at between 1800 and 2400. Spinning a GT-555 at twice its rated speed would not be a good idea. That conversion is not as easy as it looks.
  by RS-3
Frankly I think a nice little S-1 or S-3 would be the best solution. A good solid over-build reliable engine and I don't think parts and help are that hard to come by, especially in New York.

  by nessman
RS-3 wrote:Frankly I think a nice little S-1 or S-3 would be the best solution. A good solid over-build reliable engine and I don't think parts and help are that hard to come by, especially in New York.
Once upon a time there was talk about putting the ex-SB Alco S-2 that's been sitting at Arcade Jct to use on the A&A, but weight restrictions killed that idea. Unless they can upgrade their track, they're pretty much limited to the GE center cabs, or something like an Alco HH 600 HP switcher.