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Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by jgallaway81
I'm sure everyone here has seen my drawing of the locomotive that is A&A #18

Though you might not think it, these take time to draw, and 18 took me five years of work to complete.

I'm in the process of doing 14 now, and finished the reverse gear last night (minus the rod from the radius rod to the walschaerts 'rocker')

Here, for your viewing pleasure is the first public view of the start to A&A 14:


  by Benjamin Maggi
That is pretty cool. I did some drawings many years ago on Microsoft Paint, but I wondered about your drawings. They are pretty snazzy!

  by jgallaway81
Ben, all my drawings are done via MSpaint, the standard paint applet that is included with windows.

The painted variants may use Paint Shop Pro for things like graphics