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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by jgallaway81
In case anyone is interested, I recieved this link:
A&A #506
  by tomjohn

I have this car sitting here right in front of me , so for me it's old news...

  by jgallaway81
Tom, I know the car is old news, but as far as I've seen, its never been this low priced.

Since I was told about it, I thought it only fair that others should have the opportunity as well.
  by tomjohn
That's a good thought and idea, especially if they model the ARCADE AND ATTICA RR . I model the railroads I that served the town/area I grew up in. or actually got to know through my parents and my high school teachers and classmates.
And did I mention that I model in N-SCALE !

The lines that I model are :


2 BUFFALO ROCHESTER & PITTSBURGH RR <my dads child hood railroad & 

3 J.W. &N.W. RR < My mom rode this line when she was a child and up to
 its demise !

4 Atlantic & Great Western/N.Y.P.& O. -- prior to ERIE-- The line from Meadville, PA to Salamanca ,NY I used to rail fan the area around Jamestown, NY as a child with my grandmother .

5 BUFFALO SOUTHERN < my mom had the former Mr.C. Riefler owner of this
 line as a student in her classroom when she taught..

I spent 30+ years in HAMBURG,NY my home was 3 blocks from the N.K.P RR, L.S.&M.S.RR and the long
 abandoned BUFFALO & LAKE ERIE RR.I could see at least 40 trains from 
my bedroom window during the day and hear another 40 at night.I always
 had the Lake Shore Limited as my alarm clock!!
  by admiralwolf
On the topic of N Scale models, any ideas if there is a mode of the Boonton coaches out there in N Scale, along with a model of a 4-6-0 or 2-8-0 that could be dressed up to look like A & As ? Since i don't have room for a massive layout at this time, I'm doing one in N and it's bookshelf in nature... A & A would be great to model for that.
  by jgallaway81
I'm not sure about boonton coaches, but I believe Bachmann just announced an N-Scale 44-tonner. All things considered, in N scale, I doubt anyone could tell the differences between a late model 44-tonner and a 65-tonner like 112.

On the other hand, MDC has some equipment that could be used as A&A 18 and her train. http://www.blwnscale.com/MDC%202-8-0.htm

The 280 isn't exact, but seems to be the closest in size/shape. If you want better running, but are willing to accept a vastly different engine, a large, high-mounted boiler 2-8-0 is out there. The coaches shown are probably the closest you will find on the market unless you want to see if some DL&W group has had a fleet of brass models made.
  by admiralwolf
Well, that'll be a start. I have a small stash of average freight cars (covered upper and the like). Even if it's not a direct copy of the road, I'd like to use elements of it in my own layout. Thanks for the info.
  by tomjohn
I wouldn't forget that CONCOR also did ARCADE AND ATTICA RR boxcars in the past .