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  by Benjamin Maggi
Is this really a picture of A&A #18? If so, they pulled the forward dome off. It looks like the smokestack is just out of the frame, not removed. I cannot zoom in to the picture to see what is going on. Any thoughts?

http://cgi.ebay.com/OLD-RAILROAD-PHOTO- ... .m20.l1116
  by steamfan6325
This does not look like A&A #18 to me. There are a lot of little things that are different, but the two things that stand out to me are the cylinders (the one in the photo appears to have slide valves and the A&A engine has piston valves) and the valve gear (the one in the photo has power reverse, A&A #18 does not). That's my opinion.
  by BSOR Patarak
I'd say definitely not A&A 18. Anyone know what railroad it really is?
  by JT76
yeah, doesnt look like 18... i dont think she was ever that rough?
  by Aa3rt
BSOR Patarak wrote:I'd say definitely not A&A 18. Anyone know what railroad it really is?
I completely agree-pilot, cylinders, smokebox and the domes are all wrong and the cab sits too low to account for the running boards on the #18.

Edit: Looking more closely at the photo, there appears to be a circular spot near the handrail on the smokebox which would indicate a Baldwin builder's plate. A&A's #18 was built by Alco (Cooke) and has a rectangular builder's plate.

This is really bugging me as I think I should know what the engine is but can't place it. Note the paint job-looks like it's done up for a tourist line (or a shortline or commemorative celebration?). Also note that the tender appears to be coupled to another steam loco tender with the first number on the other tender appearing to be a "2". I'll see if I can come up with it when I get home and have access to my reference material.
  by jr
Also, notice the round caps on the front of each valve chest. This is an indicator that the original slide valves have been retrofitted with the "Economy" piston valve, mounted on the original castings. It would be highly unlikely that any road would take a slide valve engine, re-fit it with the "Economy" piston valves, and then later re-fit it a second time with entirely new valves and pistons (as the 18 has now).

This is almost certainly not the Boyne City RR / A&A number 18.

  by tomjohn
Any one see the latest issue of railroads illustrated ? "The Dec. 2008 issue" ...