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  by erievalley
Pat or anyone,
What is the tractive effort and engine weight of the #14 ten wheeler, I can find info on the #18, but little or nothing on the #14's statistics. Thanks for any help.....Jerry.

  by Aa3rt
From the book Arcade and Attica Railroad by Edward A. Lewis:

#14, a 4-6-0 built by Baldwin in 1917, builders number 45083.
Dimension of cylinders: 19"x26", dimension of drivers: 58"

A booklet put out by the Western New York Railway Historical Society, Inc., Comin' on Strong-The Arcade & Attica Railroad also lists those same dimensions.

This locomotive was originally Escanaba and Lake Superior #14.

I know this isn't the data you requested but it's all I have. Possibly you could use the builder's number to obtain the desired information or find something based on it's E&LS heritage.

UPDATE: After a little Internet surfing (even with this crappy AOL search engine) I managed to find this:

http://www.steamlocomotive.info/vlocomo ... isplay=897

Hope it's what you're looking for.
  by erievalley
Thanks Art, thats exactly what I need. I knew the info was out there somewhere.........Jerry.

  by Benjamin Maggi
I am toying with the idea of building a copy of #14 in 1/8 scale for use as a live steam engine. Does anyone know if published plans are out there for this engine, or for one of its sister engines? I don't have any Baldwin books, but maybe someone else does. Help!


  by Benjamin Maggi
Aa3rt wrote:UPDATE: After a little Internet surfing (even with this crappy AOL search engine) I managed to find this:
http://www.steamlocomotive.info/vlocomo ... isplay=897
I am cutting/pasting the info from this link into this thread, should that link eventually disappear. Interestingly enough, it says it was updated 9/2017.

Wheels: 4-6-0
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Build Date: 02/1917
Construction No.: 45083
Empty Weight: 142,500
Weight on Drivers: 109,500
Driver Diameter: 58
Tractive Effort: 24,800
Boiler Pressure: 180
Cylinders: 19x26
Fuel: Coal
Gauge: Standard
  by BSOR Patarak
On Locomotive #14, In my notes, I show it as Tractive Effort 24,800#. Weight of Loco 142,500# (w/o tender), tender 115,000#. She was Baldwin Class 10-32-D, 19x26 cylinders, 58" drivers, built to operate at 180psi.

18 is 28,400# tractive effort. Loco only weighs 120,000# and tender was 60,000#. 18x24 Cylinders
  by ctclark1
Gonna jump a little here. I'm probably beating a dead horse here, so I'm sorry. I have two questions.

Was there a show-stopping problem with 14 that caused her to be mothballed? Or was she just due for routine maintenance that never ended up happening at the time because 18 was still going and it got deferred indefinitely?

Second, I get it, its really expensive to maintain steam locomotives to begin with, and I wouldn't want to know what it would cost since #14 hasn't gone through any recent FRA overhauls or testing, but is there any chance we'll ever see #14 steam again? Maybe when #18 goes through its repair (and what I assume is the recertification?) this year, it is claimed to be good again for 10-15 years. Would that be an opportunity to try to get 14 in for repairs in a few years? If 14 were repaired and operational before 18's next rebuild, it would be less likely we'd have "steam free" summers as in theory they could stagger overhauls so when one is in for service the other could hopefully still steam through? If it is really not worth A&A to repair and certify 14, is it worth them keeping her around? Not that I'd want to see her go, since I've always liked the look of 14 more than 18, but I wonder if there is a better life for her somewhere else?
  by thestrasburg90
I've found steamlocomotive.info has sometimes messed up with their calculations. 18's tractive effort when using the TE formula is something like 23,000. 14's is 24,800.