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  by sipes23
So I heard about this on the radio yesterday.

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Fair use quote:
It's the beginning for the end of the Red Line: The CTA and local officials broke ground Monday on a $240 million renovation of the 95th Street stop, the southernmost point on the Red Line and a hub for both rail and bus riders.

In what the CTA is billing as one of its largest station projects, it will increase the size of the Roseland area stop, which will have buildings north and south of 95th Street connected via an enclosed walkway. The CTA said the current station footprint is too small, which causes bus delays and traffic conflicts.
Ok, so I get that the station needs expansion. I've been there. It wasn't great. It needs it.

What I don't understand is that it costs $240 million to do this, but I'm pretty ignorant of construction costs. I'll have to assume that the price isn't too inflated especially for the CTA. I just don't know. But what really stumps me is why this wasn't at least started when the whole Red Line was shut south of downtown. Wouldn't it have been easier to have gotten a head start on the project when no one was using it?
  by Tadman
$240m is kind of nuts to me, too. This morning's Redeye paper quoted the Wilson red station overhaul at $200m, too, and it's not in the middle of a freeway. I think both prices are absolutely nuts. That said, it's Chicago and they spend your money or loaned money and worry about things later.

Also, much as I like nice train stations, does every station need awe-inspiring architecture or art? It reminds me of the new 35th street Metra station at Comiskey and all the extras they wanted and the associated pricetag.

Hey it's only money...