• 9/12/12 Brownville/Millinocket

  • Discussion of present-day CM&Q operations, as well as discussion of predecessors Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) and Bangor & Aroostook Railroad (BAR).
Discussion of present-day CM&Q operations, as well as discussion of predecessors Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) and Bangor & Aroostook Railroad (BAR).

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  by KSmitty
Millinocket was a waste of gas yesterday, 1 MMA hirailer and a whole lot of pulp and chip cars. Brownville was also dead, but worth the time. There were 2 AMT/SLC F40's hidden off the wye at the south end, could be seen from the Van Horne Rd crossing. An ex.UP GP, leased to NBSR I would wager, was on the opposite end of the track the F40's were on, only the cab and a bit of the dynamics was visible. VB-3 was on the east side of the wye, alone which I thought was strange but..., an MMA C30-7 in blue and yellow was in the yard hidden behind the building in the picture, and the winner of course, was back to back IC&E units 6421 and 6400(?) --> http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=3189794 <-- There was lots of cars sitting there. Both tracks closest to the old CP station were full, pretty much down to the bridge. Lots of chip and pulp loads and some CGTX tanks. Tanks weren't oil, maybe propane? Looked like they were waiting for NBSR...
  by MEC407
Thanks for the report!
  by KSmitty
Talked with a couple guys from New Jersey yesterday evening at Waterville. They spent Wednesday up in Oakfield and later Brownville/Millinocket. I guess 6450 had been added to the 6421/6400 combo so there were 3 ICE units there mid day...
  by railfan60
Here are few shots taken at Megantic early Friday morning. The three ICE units were in train #1 power consist.

http://steelribbon.smugmug.com/Other/Me ... g&lb=1&s=A
http://steelribbon.smugmug.com/Other/Me ... w&lb=1&s=A

Train #2 awaiting the crew member

http://steelribbon.smugmug.com/Other/Me ... m&lb=1&s=A
http://steelribbon.smugmug.com/Other/Me ... 5&lb=1&s=A
  by KSmitty
Nice Shots!
With all that power, I imagine there was an oil train waiting to come east?
  by necr3849
Trying to follow the NMJ-Brownville job up yesterday, we dropped off the train in Milo and went to Brownville Junction. There was quite the assortment of power still, but it was the number of CP SD's that caught my eye. Here's a quick line-up of what was there....

HLCX 917(ex-UP) GP40/GP38-3
SLC 293+270 F40s
NO true ICE units anywhere

Once the musical chairs was done in Derby with power, the NMJ crew brought the power along with a big train up to Brownville. Mother Nature was in a good mood during the afternoon. Next to the Derby coal tower, they had seven locos and the RC caboose. Three B23-7s, two C30-7s, one B39-8 and one SD40-2. Insane!

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?20120 ... 424818.jpg

The clouds held off for just enough time to get the train again in the old Brownville log yard

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?20120 ... 225087.jpg

From earlier, here are the CP units in the yard

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?20120 ... 724748.jpg

It was quite cool to see the NMJ crew do the wye shuffle before heading for the yard in Brownville

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?20120 ... 925293.jpg

The trip back home to coastal Maine wasn't even that bad after!
  by KSmitty
Nice shots! Thanks for the report!