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  by metraRI
Rumor has it that 8477 has replaced its "BNSF made" K3 with a real one. If its true, I hope the noise of goose horns on SWS will come to an end.

Audio of what is thought to be 8477, can be heard here:

  by MetraF40C607
Ya, it's a K3LA. Whether or not that was 8477 is questionable, because I was out ALL DAY on the BNSF yesterday, and all I saw and heard with K3LAs were the 8500s.

  by MetraBNSF
8477 still has a "BNSF Made" K3.

  by metraRI
Did you hear the horn? I thought the same thing because the last pic I saw of it still had the old K5 base. However, BNSF could have placed new chimes in the same positions.

  by MetraBNSF
I haven't heard the horn. It does still have the K5 base.

  by MetraBNSF
Can't say for sure 100%, but 8475 might have had its "BNSF made" K3 replaced with chimes in different positions, although the K5 base remains. I heard 8475's horn on a center track express deadhead last night in LaGrange.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
8451 is at 47th with 3 7300's. It still has 5 chimes

  by metraRI
They all probably came off RI. I know 8451 has not been on RI in the last 2 weeks or so.