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  by DAC
I took the train to NYC this am. Approaching Stamford Station,

their was 8032 sitting.

Anybody know why?

  by DutchRailnut
Car was under heavy repair for damage during a derailment years ago.
The mate car was used after another B car got destroyed.
So there is no use repairing a A car if you don't have a B car to go with it.
The shell is now stored at East end of yard as bodypart donor incase any other M3's get body damage.

  by checkthedoorlight
but the question is, what is a M3 doing on the New Haven line? Does Stamford yard specialize in repairing them? I noticed there's another M1/3 sitting on the south side on the yard, which is sitting on BLOCKS, with the bogey removed.

  by DutchRailnut
The building down near road is MNCR's heavy repair facility were body damage repairs are carried out.
The M1 on blocks is same just a body part donor.

  by Clean Cab
It has been put out to pasture. It was moved out of the main yard to the east end of the "Loop" track to get it out of the way. It has since received several fresh coats of paint courtesy of the local grafitti artists.

By the way.............

I believe it is the 8032, not 8033?

  by ANDY117
When I was in the Stamford area in April I think i got a shot of that. But it was from inside a car, and i can't make out the number.
  by Kurt
I believe 8033 was recently renumbered to 8107. I saw it recently at Southeast, and you could still make out the old numbering on the stainless steel end.