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  by AlexBuff
This was taken a few weeks ago, but I don't see it anymore. I still see the LED Circle \ Diamond on one train 7 Line. I heard that it was a test phase and that eventually the LED sign will replace the old wore out signs. Anyone else see this sign? Any info?
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  by Backshophoss
Was that set of cars modded by CRRC to test newer styles of LED signage?
  by AlexBuff
I don’t think so, I read that it was made in house by an engineering team. Looks dam good! Has anyone else seen it? I’ve seen on two links the Circle/Diamond LED sign over the old LCD display, must be a testing thing for the bigger sign.
  by tommyboy6181
It looks like a really nice improvement over the existing signs
  by AlexBuff
I saw the sign again, looks really good. Its clear and distinguishable from far away.
  by ExCon90
What is the significance of the green circle on the side sign? I'm familiar with the red displayed on the front regardless of line, but I'm wondering about the green.
  by ExCon90
Yes, but my question was why green in this instance instead of red?
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Because that's how they make the signs? The 62s were the same way.

I heard that before they installed these and the 188s came to the 7 with the 142 style side signs people got confused because they were so used to the green circle vs. red diamond thing, but that might just be hearsay.