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  by F40CFan
They have moved 611 & 614 from their normal spots at Western Ave. I wonder if they put them inside to get them ready to pinch-hit. Anybody know?

  by Amtrak31
Hopefully they're preparing them to run again soon. I don't know for sure. As stated in the forums before, Metra has been full of surprises lately.

  by MetraF40C607
Probably in preperation for the usual winter MP36 failures. Can't wait.

  by Joe
MetraF40C607 wrote:Probably in preperation for the usual winter MP36 failures. Can't wait.
HAHA, too true.

  by Amtrak31
I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MP36's for the F40C's (not permanently). I'd sacrifice them all for the F40C's, but then what will Metra do power wise?

  by byte
They haven't run in a while, so don't get your hopes up. It's possible that the last time they were run, it was only to use up the fuel left in their tanks.

  by MetraF40C607
Last time they were run was last winter. They ran because 4 MP36s got snow in the main generator and one had a ground relay fault, not to burn fuel.

  by MikeF
MetraF40C607 wrote:Last time they were run was last winter.
No, 614 was seen on a Deerfield turn sometime last spring, for no apparent reason.

  by MetraF40C607
Huh, funny. I didn't hear about that one.

  by MikeF
Oops, my memory is becoming faulty in my old age. The trip 614 made last spring was not a Deerfield run, but just a trip to Union Station and back.

  by AMTK84
On June 10, 2005 METX614 was sent down to Union Station to provide power to the station while electrical work was being done; no MP36's were available; or I'm reasonably sure they would've used them.

As far as the 611 and 614 thing goes, my source says that currently there are no plans to even prepair them to run in case of a mass-MultipleProblem36 brakedown; however anything is possible, but I (as well as my source) think the probabillity of 611 and 614 running again in regular service is low.

  by AMTK84

My source inquired about why 611 and 614 are in the shop; the reason they are shopped is that Metra is cleaning them up, paintingg the cabs etc. in prepparation go sell them; to what railroad is unknown. Heres the chance for you IRM volunteers (and those people who are wannabes) to try and get one or both C's, remember that 614 has an old EMD bel where as 611 does not.

  by metra 613
Does anyone know how to do that? if so plz tell me irm needs to get one or two .Plz guys help out before its to late.

  by MikeF
metra 613 wrote:Does anyone know how to do that?
Sure. Come up with the money -- Metra's asking price plus transportation fees plus IRM track space charges plus another $10,000 or so for restoration and maintenance costs -- and donate to the Internal Combustion Department at IRM.

  by MetraF40C607
According to rumors at the IRM, at least one of the F40Cs will be going to Union, if not both.