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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by PRSLTrainman
A couple of items of interest about of photo of the 6017 currently on Ebay ...

http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRSL-6017-S-12- ... 3f166ebfc0

The auction dates the photo 11/75, but the photo appears to be taken at 2nd St. in Camden. Isn't that the old roundhouse and turntable pit to the left behind the 6017. Yet, behind it to the right appears an EMD switcher freshly painted for Penn Central.

Also, what is the silver equipment in the engine house stall?
  by mitch kennedy
I looked a the pic and it seemed to be at Pavonia-that explains the PC switcher and a PC RS11 "under surgery" or being stripped... I didn't see any of the background buildings/stalls, just the blue Camden sky. I checked the seller's other photos and didn't see anything like it either. I presune you were thinking of the PRR terminal at the foot of Federal St-that was o/s after 1966 or so or possibly earlier. The PRSL meatball on 6017 helps date it too.