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  by buddah
For those who haven't been on the VIA rail website in a while, there doing something for "earth day" in the form of a e coupon for travel anywhere on the VIA rail network. 50% of any ticket anywhere on VIA rails network, just sign up on there website and a email will be sent to you automatically with your voucher code, those who are already signed up, You can refresh there account and ask for a free coupon as well. this might get me back to comfort class every so often or atleast from Toronto to Niagara falls. Offer ends april 26 so don't drag your feet!


see website for rules and details certain conditions apply....... (as always!)

PS: Its said the coupons are good from april to june 30 but My inside source at VIA rail said there good till the end of the year just a few blackout dates around Dec 1st to christmas and certain holidays.
  by timberley
Just got mine, and it works perfectly, since I have a trip to make on the Ocean in 3 weeks, in good ol' comfort class as always. That's one ticket that's especially nice to see a 50% discount on!