• 23 new Talgo-trains for German intercity-network

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  by ALR997
Hi together,

as Deutsche Bahn announced on tuesday, the German national railway will order at least 23 sets of Talgo-trains for intercity-services, especially on routes with different current-systems or sections without any electrification. Different to all other 21st-century-long-distance-trains in Germany these trains will be able to change the usual Talgo-locomotive in place to a diesel locomotive (already delivered by Bombardier).

https://www.deutschebahn.com/de/presse/ ... o--3763624

It is expected to see these trains in the later 2020s possibly on these routes:
  • Hamburg - Berchtesgaden
    Dortmund - Oberstdorf
    Cologne- Westerland
    Karlsruhe - Westerland
    Dresden - Westerland
The contract consists of 23 fixed trainsets and leaves an option to 77 more trains in the next few years. The train itself will be able to run on a speed up to 230 km/h in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands so it also can replace some international InterCity- and EuroCity-services. In 2023 the first trains will be introduced into service and will offer the same level of comfort as the ICE-trains.

This order is revolutionary for DB's long-distance-sector where the classic manufacturers have been Siemens, Bombardier and some smaller partners for a long time. It has been quite likely that an adaption of the Siemens Railjet would be the winner of the invitation to tender. After several problems with trains produced by Siemens (ICE3, ICE4) and the major problem called "IC2" (by Bombardier) DB signals to them, regarding the growing market of manufacturers both inside and outside Europe, that such an insufficiency cannot be tolerated anymore.

In the mid-2020s the DB rolling stock will include about 450 trainsets:
  • 50 ICE1 (modernized and reduced trainsets with 9 coaches)
    20 ICE2 (modernized and reconfigurated)
    48 ICE3
    16 ICE3 (multi-current-capable, to run on international routes to the Netherlands and Belgium)
    17 ICE3M (Velaro, multi-current-capable, to run on international routes to France and Belgium)
    59 ICE-T7
    11 ICE-T5 (shorter form of ICE-T7)
    50 ICE4-12 (12 coaches)
    50 ICE4-13 (13 coaches)
    37 ICE4-7 (7 coaches)
    27 IC2-1
    17 IC2-2 (able to run in Switzerland)
    25 IC2-3
    23 "IC3" (new Talgo-train)
Best regards from Germany
  by DutchRailnut
they are meant for service between Amsterdam/Hamburg/Berlin.

They won't be in service till 2023.

https://www.railwaypro.com/wp/db-and-ta ... 00-trains/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by RRspatch
I find it interesting that DB is ordering Talgo equipment again. If you remember DB did try out Talgo equipment on the München to Berlin run back in the 90's. Supposedly DB was not very happy with the trains and they are now stored out of service somewhere.

http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix/de/car ... Talgo1.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix/de/car ... -7_MH2.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix/de/car ... -0_MH2.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;