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  by R36 Combine Coach
Most likely I'll be heading west to SFO in December (from NY/NJ) for family reasons and now considering a stopover on the CTA, and ride on Metra up to see the Kenosha trolley. Although it's early, I'm trying to catch the holiday train this year. I might be leaving on Weds 12/18 (or possibly Tues 12/17) arriving in CHI for one night before heading west.

Questions: Would the train be out on the road that week on weekdays, and what times?

What can I expect on board?

I heard only certain cars (work motor-equipped units) are permitted to operate the holiday train, due to the braking and train line connections for the flat cars.
  by Chicagopcclcars
Juniorz states on CTA Rail on ChicagoBus.org....."CTA Customer Service said the
schedule would be released before the end of November, so the usual wait just
got a little bit longer."

David Harrison
  by MisterUptempo
The information on the link provided by Chicagopcclcars has been updated, and the 2013 CTA Holiday Train schedule is as follows:

Green Line -- 11/29 - Fri
Green Line -- 11/30 - Sat
Green Line -- 12/3 - Tue
Orange Line & Brown Line -- 12/4 - Wed
Orange Line & Brown Line -- 12/5 - Thu
Orange Line & Brown Line -- 12/6 - Fri
Orange Line & Brown Line -- 12/7 - Sat
Pink Line -- 12/10 - Tue
Pink Line -- 12/11 - Wed
Blue Line -- 12/12 - Thu
Blue Line -- 12/13 - Fri
Blue Line -- 12/14 - Sat
Red Line -- 12/17 - Tue
Purple Line -- 12/18 - Wed
Red Line -- 12/19 - Thu
Purple Line -- 12/20 - Fri
Red Line & Purple Line -- 12/21 - Sat
Yellow Line -- 12/23 - Mon