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  by tjflynn
Did anyone else notice the 2012 passenger schedule has just one round trip per operating day? Guess the second trip is yet another victim of the rising cost of fuel (liquid and solid). Also, no double-header with #6 this year. The policy of a free ride for the 50th walk-up passenger of each day is a nice way to celebrate 50 years of steam excursions, without putting a huge dent in the bank account. I'd been hoping for a bigger celebration, but understand there's a limit to both time and money. A larger party may have helped homefront negotiations for minor repairs to my 50 year old Renault - "but they're celebrating 1962, dear, I should really take the Dauphine down there." So it goes. Will have to stay overnight to continue our tradition of riding and chasing.
  by reinhardtjh
I've noticed that some of the loss of a second run is offset by the special events. There seem to be a few more this year than past years. I am disappointed that the visit by Viacose #6 isn't there. I had hoped they were a profitable event. Although I missed the last 2 years and this year wasn't likely, I was hoping to get to the event if it was regular.

John H. Reinhardt
  by Benjamin Maggi
My two cents:

1.) Per their website, the A&A announced that passenger car #6 (#06) is back in service so I wonder if one longer train is more cost effective then two smaller ones, or at least two half-filled ones. Yes, it means that one cannot "train spot" the first train and ride the second but perhaps they are aiming for the general public, not the railfan, community for filling up the seats. Running a steam locomotive is expensive and I believe that last year they tried running steam on one trip and diesel for the other, with people here and elsewhere complaining about how the public would be disappointed to shop up and ride behind #112 because they didn't understand the schedule. This may just be an extension from that.

2.) As someone who went to the first "Railfan" day in 2009, I was somewhat disappointed when they repeated it in 2010 and 2011 because I thought that it would be more exclusive and special as a "limited time" thing. I never went back after 2009 because the charm was lost. I had ridden the ride, taken the pictures, been there and done that. But that is only my opinion.
  by thebigham
I'm glad #6 is back in service.

Remember the black out in the North East? I was working on #6 they day the black out happened.
  by BSOR Patarak
For the 50th Anniversary celebrations, there is indeed more in the works.

The Arcade Historical Society along with the Friends of A&A, the railroad and hopefully the Town and Villages of Arcade are planning several weeks of events around town. The historical society is broadening some of their focus to be "remembering what happened in 1962" with a main focus on the train. This is to entice more local people to also visit all of the happenings. There will be special displays created at the historical society sites, including models, A&A memorabilia, photos and guest speakers. There will be an evening of slide shows on the early operations. As the schedule and location of events becomes final, we will be publishing flyers and a schedule to hit as broad an audience as we can. I'll post info and links as it is all created. We are also welcoming any suggestions that people might have. The main weekend will be the one including August 4th which is the actual anniversary day. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be recreated. Of the original participants of 1962, only one living individual remains, though we are working on having descendants of as many of them as possible there too. Perhaps a small reunion of people who once worked on the A&A? That'd make for a fun train ride to be able to talk with past employees during the trips! The actual operating schedule for the day has not been finalized, other than the one scheduled run. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Oh, today on seize the deal.com there is a half off deal, two tickets for the current season for $13!

18 has had it's annual hydro test, new grates are being installed, should be well on the way to steaming Memorial Day! Looking forward to an exciting 2012 season!

Pat Connors
  by joesbag
Thanks for the info Pat and for keeping everyone informed. If the plans work out, it sounds like the Summer of 2012 will be exciting for the railroad.