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  by Tadman
David, those are amazing photos. Absolute tops. Was that your narration on most of the trip? If so, I really enjoyed it.
  by Chicagopcclcars
Thanks. To see all of the "L" photos I've managed to get posted, go to the home page www.railpictures.net

On that home page do a search under my name David Harrison. It says 65 but that includes five non "L" photos.

Yes, that was me doing the narration Sunday. Thanks again. This time I used two fingers on the button on the headset and we had less dropouts and weird evewnets over the PA. Conversly I didn't have the single sore finger like last year. Now I have to remember to shift my stance while standing all day. My rigjt foot and toe told me about that Monday morning.

david Harrison
  by lstone19
I know this is very late. I've been on both the 2009 and 2010 trips. The 2009 trip took us to the southernmost point on the system (end of the yard south of 95th Street on the red line) and the 2010 trip took us to both the westernmost point (westernmost track at O'Hare) and the northernmost point (the loop at Linden). So for 2011, how about the easternmost point (Cottage Grove on the Green Line)? How about both Green Line branches (being the only parts of the system I have not ridden)?