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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by jgallaway81
No News Yet?

I figured someone would have commented on the use of steam & diesel everyday!
  by Mountcastle
I always liked being able to ride the first steam-powered train, and then being able to watch or film the departure of the second, so I'm not too keen on the arrangement, personally.

I also wonder how ticket-holders for the second train will react when they see the first train return to Arcade under steam, only to watch the steam locomotive be sent back to the yard to be replaced by a rather less interesting diesel.
  by Mountcastle
Well, I took my first trip to the A&A this season, today, and I am very happy to report that both trains, despite what the website says, were steam powered: Number 18 had the 'stage' completely to herself. There was not a diesel in sight: not even in the yard. I was delighted to no end to be able to ride the first train under steam, and then to watch and film the second train depart under steam. I was able to get a video of the train crossing Water Street and passing in front of that ranch house next to the Fire Department. I'll post it once I've downloaded it.

The Main Street station has been completely repainted, I notice, and looks wonderful. It's just such a thrill for me to be able to ride the train each year. The Arcade & Attica Railroad is one of those places where things change all the time, and yet nothing changes. It still has entirely the same atmosphere about it as it did when I first rode the train in 1976. And I'm sure somebody who first rode the train in 1936 would say the same thing. When I look at some of those pictures in the Ken Springirth book of those ancient 4-4-0s crossing the Cattaraugus Creek bridge, I'm just astounded by the thought that I could take a nearly identical photograph, today, in the year 2010. Nothing, really, ever changes about that place. It's like a time machine, in a way.

I'm so happy the Arcade & Attica is still there. That the steam locomotive is still there. And I hope that it will be for many, many years to come.
  by Mountcastle
And here it is...the first video, apparently, posted to this forum, at any rate, of the Arcade & Attica Railroad's 2010 season:


A&A No. 18 crossing Water Street enroute to Curriers.

And here are the rest of the videos I took of the A&A this weekend:

The crew services No. 18 at Curriers:


The locomotive reversing at Curriers:


The train returns to Arcade:


Finally, it's not the Arcade & Attica, but here's another cherished Western New York train ride that some of you may remember:

  by Benjamin Maggi
I am sure that this decision is to keep operating costs and/or engine wear down. Thankfully, it is on their website which trains have which engines. It would be a shame to drive there and see the diesel alone (unless, like me, you really like GE centercab engines).
  by Mountcastle
But what I'm saying is they aren't using both steam and diesel, praise be to George; only steam...just like they did every single time I visited last year, despite what the website says.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Unless you heard that directly from the Railroad, you cannot assume that. Just because they used all steam powered (despite the website saying otherwise) on their OPENING HOLIDAY WEEKEND doesn't mean it will be that way every weekend! I am not surprised that they used steam throughout on all of their trips, the real test will be the 2nd trip on a Sunday in the middle of July when as I understand it ridership is a bit lower.

If someone wants to track this on a chart they can. If someone wants to call the Railroad for their official position they can. Me? I will just be cautious about assuming that they will run all-steam.
  by Mountcastle
Well, you may be right, Benjamin. I'm merely saying that I have yet to see it: didn't see it last year; haven't seen it this year. Frankly, I hope I can still say the same after my 4th or 5th visit this season. I guess we'll see. Either way, bring on 2010!

All aboard.

  by jgallaway81
WOW... ain't this a lively forum :-p
  by Benjamin Maggi
Sometimes no new is good news.
  by jgallaway81
True, but no news is no where near as exciting and colorful as new pictures and youtube video :-p

Ben, thanks for sending that guy my way. He has quite a bit of info on pre-A&A lines as well.