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  by Pete D
Are there any plans for track work or roadbed improvements this summer? I seem to recall the A&A was awarded a grant a while back for this work.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Yes, there are plans, though I am not the most appropriate person to explain them. People more familiar with the railroad and the specific project do frequently read these forums, and if they have some information they want to share I bet they will.

But yes, things are coming along.

  by WNYP431
Yes, there was a state grant awarded for our track work, and work is progressing immediately. Two more such grants, and we may have enough to do the whole line - once and for all. Until then, we do what we can, when we can, as best we can.

  by nessman
What are they doing? When I come back in the fall for an excursion, will there be a noticeable difference?

  by WNYP431
The program probably will call for around 1100 ties and 1100 tons of stone per mile installed, with surfacing work from the interchange to milepost 9 (Curriers Station), all turnouts and remaining grade crossings should be replaced. Bridge inspections have been completed, and now there needs to be a consultant hired to complete the whole job. The railroad has been allotted ties & stone for spot work, but everything else will be bid.

The third grant promised for 2008/09 hopes to continue that work north on the rest of the line at 1400 ties per mile, with plans to add a siding at around milepost 3.

The grants represents about 20% of our total need right now.

In the event that the documents can be processed in time, you may indeed notice a difference by October.

Of course, this is all subject to change and is preliminary in nature.


  by thebigham
This is great news for the A&A!!