• 2 Fairless Works Locos Scrapped

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by railroadcarmover
Fairless Works SSB-1200 switcher locomotives #1 and #15 have been scrapped on site at Fairless Works by the demolition contractor who has been tearing down the unused buildings at the plant.
Both units were of Santa Fe heritage having been rebuilt from SW-9s by the Santa Fe in 78.

#1 had a cut cab and was was former Santa Fe SSB-1200 #1238 rebuilt from SW-9 #2438.
#15 was former Santa Fe SSB-1200 #1236 rebuilt from SW-9 #2436.

#1 had been picked apart years ago having no traction motors, generator or blower.
#15 had front coupler pocket damage when the loco was rammed many years back.

Former LaClede Pipe Baldwin S12 #3 which had engine freeze damage was not cut up as of now.

I was planning on buying the cutting levers off one of the EMD units to use to upgrade the cutting levers on my Fairbanks loco along with the remote control lamp lenses but no time was wasted in cutting up these units and the metal was already shipped off the property.

Right now in active service is #968 which is an MP15AC, repainted yellow with red numbers earlier this year and #5A which is another "cut cab" former Santa Fe SSB-1200.

Both units have red painted safety rails and bars welded to the both sides of the carbody top.

Also stored indoors are 3 other locos:
#14 which is yet another SF SSB-1200 is stored serviceable but not used and will wind up being scrapped at some point next year.
#18 former EJ&E NW2 which was upgraded to a 1200 and is privately owned along with another loco.

Please note that access to the Fairless Works plant is not allowed and equipment is not visible from the perimeter. Security is on site and the entrance is gated.
  by railroadcarmover
The only processing left that USX does at its Fairless Works plant is the galvanizing of coil steel. Coils come in by rail in coil cars and they are unloaded, unrolled, and galvanized.

Other parts of the site have been rented out to other customers. This includes a windmill manufacturer. Props and masts are lined up on the ground.