• 1958 Adirondack line passenger consist

  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by BR&P
No idea where I got this document, but maybe it will be of interest to some on here. Gives a glimpse of the consist, and also notes they got stabbed 40 minutes for a freight! Image
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  by PC1100
Thanks for posting this! It's a great glimpse back in time at daily operations on the Adirondack Division in that era. Can anyone decipher what the "kind of car" is for #8159? I'm guessing the "MB" next to it was for "Mail/Baggage." #8309 looks like it was the same "kind of car" but a "Deadhead." Anyone know what type of cars car #700 and #701 would have been?
  by Cactus Jack
I don't have all the answers but here is some insight.

Brakeman was E. Luther - Ed Luther who was part of the crew involved in the fatal head on at Nehasane in 1953. Ed is still alive in Poland, NY. He went to the Erie Lackawanna in the early 1960's and retired off Conrail.

"Cascade Glade" - Pullman Plan 4072A built 1938 - 10 roomette / 5 dbl bedroom, an ex-Michigan Central car sold to NdeM in 1961
"Lucas County" Built 1938 - 13 bedroom, Plan 4071A - sold to NdeM June 1962

Coach 2279 - PSC 1926 - 70 ft - fitted with Frigidaire air conditioning in 1936 - 1937

8159 - baggage built by ACF 1917, 61-3 lgth, Qty of 40 cars in this order
8309 - baggage built ACF 1923 ex Michigan Central, Length 61'3" - one of a qty of 10

Locomotive 8302 RS-3 Alco s/n 79114 - Jan 1951, to Amtrak #108
Locomotive 8285 Rs-3 Alco s/n 79077 - October 1951, to Amtrak #135

Don't connect with "car" 701 and 702

I recall the name Tobin (baggage man) but have no other info on him or the rest of the crew

Seems odd they would stick #4 for 40 minutes at Sabbattis for Extra 8214 instead of 8214 holding at Beaver River

Other info or corrections appreciated !
  by BR&P
Could 700 and 701 have been business cars?

Are you still in touch with Ed Luther? What a resource he would be! I used to work with a guy who also claimed to have been on that wreck. Bill Reed. (Not to be confused with another Bill Reed who was involved with either GVT or the Medina Museum) Bill was Conductor on the First State Street job out of Charlotte back in 1977. He was a decent guy but long gone now. Image
  by Cactus Jack
I have not talked to Ed in a few years.

Those 700 series cars really have me baffled. Somehow it seems I ought to know what they were but just can't seem to recall or figure it out.
  by NKP1155
Would not the numbers 700 and 701 refer to Pullman route number or assignment number for this line? The number behind 7009 and 701 would represent the number of fares in each car.
  by BR&P
You may have something there. Both Pullmans are noted as going to New York, and both the 700 and 701 numbers have "NY" at the end of the notation.
  by Cactus Jack
I think NKP 1155 got it.

Although I don't have anything I can lay my hands on to confirm.