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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by BSOR Patarak
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  by Benjamin Maggi
Nice shot. I don't understand... I thought that there were no scheduled mixed trains this season (and I have been asking for them for years for some reason.) Is this just a publicity shot, or did you put one on the schedule?
  by thebigham

This is the Rt 39 crossing on the way to Arcade Junction. They are headed to the Arcade yard.
  by RussNelson
Well apart from the modern cars, there's the cable TV line behind the smoke plume. Hmph. If it's a fake, it's a really good fake, because the shadows line up perfectly, and you can see the writing on the bulk car *through* the steam engine's cab.
  by tomjohn
Wow! What a sweet picture !!! It is almost worth framing .

  by apratt
Why does the first car appear to have a snowplow (whatever that white thing is extending down to rail level behind the tender steps) and lack a front truck? Also, unless there is a dip where the rail enters the crossing the photo perspective doesn't look right.
  by Mountcastle
Wow. It's rather amazing how two people can look at the same picture and see two very different images. I really don't see any of that, at all, particularly a snow plow. The 'white thing extending down to rail level behind the tender steps' looks to be the conclusion of the ladder, doesn't it? And the 'missing' truck is surely rendered invisible on account of both perspective and lighting.

This looks alot like a freight ride I took on the A&A in the mid 1990s; it might be a photo of that particular train, it looks so similar. There was a string of freight cars very similar to those in the photo, led by #18. At the end of the train was a combine borrowed from the excursion train to allow passengers aboard who were there to experience the freight run to the Reisdorf mill; in this case behind a steam locomotive. The ride occured sometime in late October.
  by thebigham
Rt. 39 through Arcade is being redone so by the looks of the crossing, this could be a recent picture.
  by jgallaway81
Well, since no one is paying attention... the details on the engine make it fairly certain that this is a recent shot:

1) The amount of unburned fuel being ejected from the stack indicates this is either the latest crap coal they have been burning, or the original soft coal from the early 90's.

2) The smokebox doesn't appear to be shiny, therefore I'd lean toward a flat gray, as opposed to the silver used previously.

3) The paint on the railings, specifically around the front of the smokebox is identical to the current scheme on the engine.

4) Finally, the paint scheme as applied to the number plate on the front times this to the post-2000 era. I have yet to see a pre-2000 picture with the plate being painted.

My original thought? They had her steamed on sunday, and since this was the first year with her back in service, they decided to have some fun and used her to bring the freight up from the interchange on Monday.

Wish I could have been there for that... getting pics down @ the interchange and along the line would have been AWESOME!
  by ricebrianrice
The fuzzy back edge of the tender to the hopper screams PHOTOSHOP to me.
I can also see the perspective difference between the hopper and the engine.

EITHER WAY, it is a great photo. :-D :-D

  by JT76
Very cool picture.... first time the old B&S rails have seen a steamer in a while?
  by ricebrianrice
Well that is not fake, I eat my words :-D
  by BSOR Patarak
It is indeed a real picture. The only modification was to turn it sepia and a little cropping on the right side. Steam power running on the last remaining piece of the old B&S!

As for the run. That is indeed West Main Street Crossing and 6 freight cars behind #18. Engine 111 is also on the rear for pushing assistance. It is the first time the steamer has been all the way to the interchange in over 15 years in my recollection. It was as far as West Main Street a couple of times this year with a passenger train, but stopped there.

Engine 112 is at Reisdorf's Mill undergoing engine repairs. Seems they found a bad cam shaft in one end. Also, with all of the track work on going around Arcade, the schedule for the freight train has been irregular. There were 13 or 14 cars waiting at the interchange, with 3 empties stored on the wye at Arcade and more at the mill that couldn't be brought back because of space constraints. Master Mechanic Mapes had mentioned the thought of using 18 to handle freight several weeks ago, but decided not to. On Monday 27, 2008, he decided to use #18 as the replacement to 112 and move some of the freight. It was a case of having been fired up the day before for the final passenger run of the season and the opportunity to run it one last time for the season and giver her a thorough running inspection. What a trip it was. When is the last time that a steamer was called to duty to replace a diesel that was down?

Some may be upset by the fact that there was no publicity or notice that this happened. It was a last minute decision, (literally we had confirmation at 7 am on Monday morning that it was a go). The A&A didn't want to get any hopes up for fans and then not have it materialize. Keep in mind that the track crews are still working between the interchange and Genesee Road. They were another wrench in the works as to whether the freight could even get through that morning. It truly was an amazing final outing for 18 and the 2008 season! Hopefully it shows what a new year can bring!
  by BSOR Patarak
Here is another shot behind the old Agway.
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