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  by RS-3
Has A&A's new GE arrived yet?
  by scottychaos
I have never heard that a number 113 is expected..
what is it going to be?

  by RS-3
An 80 ton GE from one of the New York area commuter lines.

  by Benjamin Maggi
If a new engine arrives at the A&A, I am sure that someone will post pictures!
  by jgallaway81
As an update, the engine IS now on the property.

An ex ConEd 80-ton GE Centercab switcher.

As proven by AltoonaWorks.info: ©2014 - All Rights Reserved - http://AltoonaWorks.info" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
It hasn't been uploaded to their site yet, but the photographer is a conductor at NS out of the Altoona Terminal, and when he decided to hit up the A&A on the return leg of his week long, multi-state railfan adventure, I asked him to see if the rumored unit was on the property. This picture was sent direct to me in response, it is posted here and elsewhere with permission of the owner.
  by jgallaway81
Hey, I JUST noticed.. it has roller bearings!
  by Benjamin Maggi
It's huge!
  by goffmedia
On a good rumor, it was refurbished extensively before it was mothballed. Should be a great unit. It was posted for sale on http://www.railmover.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by BSOR Patarak
The A&A crews fired up one end of the locomotive to see it move prior to the sale. Now that it is back in Arcade, the other end is being evaluated to see what it will need to make it operational. There has been much discussion about the size and type of this locomotive. It was specially ordered for the application of the the heavy coal drags where it came from. Traction will not be an issue with it. There was some concern as to the gear reduction gear cases and the smaller traction motors that are mounted under it. Keep in mind that the 44 tonners (110 and 111) have run on the A&A with no problem for a long time on similar arrangements. It has been mentioned that newer cars are heavier and longer, but you also have to factor in better bearings. The ability of the locomotive to pull isn't really the concern, as much as the track structure. That is for another discussion, but a lot of money has been put into the ground at least on half of the railroad. Once the locomotive is fired up, a test will be made and we will know for sure. The locomotive does appear to have been well cared for and is very clean and free of rust and rot for it's age.

Just my personal feelings on the numbering and paint...it should become 113, but I can understand why some may skip that number. I've heard rumors (note I have not talked to anyone about this from the railroad) that it may become 114. As for the paint, I read it on another forum about why a railroad would paint a piece of equipment...and it was mentioned that why cover perfectly good paint if it is still good and the money can best be spent somewhere else. I suspect it will remain yellow with A&A lettering added, much as 112 did for the beginning of it's career on the A&A. The yellow looks to be in good shape and would not look bad against the green coaches. Perhaps in the future, the coaches should return to orange and 113/4 should where the stripes proudly like the others....just my 2 cents.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks for all the information! I hope it works out well for the A&A.

Incidently, what is wrong with "113"? Is it unlucky or was there another 113? I don't really care either way.
  by goffmedia
I don't see the discussion about where the 80 tonner originated, but it was a switcher at Con Edison power plant on Staten Island and was refurbished before rail operations ceased there. It was stored indoors for over a decade
  by thebigham
#113 is supposedly going to be #114
  by BR&P
I predict the unit will work out fine for them. It's long been my opinion - admittedly without knowledge of specific bridge ratings etc - that ARA has always been a bit conservative on what the line will take. Their track may not be Amtrak-ready, :wink: but I have seen FAR worse trackage, and branches which have been just plain neglected, with EMD switchers and even Geeps in regular use. Perhaps there is some specific location or structure which causes concern, but overall I didn't think the line was bad enough to warrant special worries. Can Pat or someone else say what the limiting factors are?
  by ctclark1
BR&P wrote:Perhaps there is some specific location or structure which causes concern, but overall I didn't think the line was bad enough to warrant special worries.
Page 3 of the 1995 ETT (available here) specifically points to the Beaver Meadow Creek Trestle for both the weight limit of 220,000 as well as a 10mph limit, as opposed to 15 on the main track.

Granted, this was 20 years ago, so who knows whether it has deteriorated further or has been repaired since then.
Edit: I'm sure somebody knows... You get my drift though
  by thestrasburg90
The new diesel, tentatively-named "#114", is sitting in 18's bay in the engine house having her ends put back together. It is reported that the A&A has both ends running and she is just getting pieced back together now.

Now, as for the number...

I have been good friends with Brad Mapes since I was 2 years old (I am now 18). I have been visiting the A&A multiple times each of those 16 years. While having our usual "post-excursion" shoot-the-breeze talk, I brought up the new locomotive. This was last July so said locomotive had not left Long Island yet, but he had made arrangements to bring it back to Arcade. I asked him "Is it gonna be named #113?" And he said "You know what? I don't know. I don't really like the sound of "113"." It was at this point that I suggested numbering the locomotive "114" because a) it was the year the locomotive was purchased, and b) 114 sounds a lot better than 113.

So there you have it, folks! Now, no official number (to my knowledge) has been decided yet, but now you guys know where that whole debate came from. Posted below is a shot I grabbed after today's trains. Ends are pulled apart but the locomotive looks to be in excellent shape...