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  by mkirsch
Hi guys, I recently found this site looking for information and more history on the A&A than Wikipedia shows. I grew up on a farm about 3 miles outside of North Java and have been fascinated with the A&A for a long time. Got to ride it again in October 2013, so my interest has been piqued ever since. Heck, I even learned where the track went North of the feed mill! That was something I always wondered about.

Recently member "thebigham" posted a picture of an apparently mothballed #111:


I see that they have done a bunch of track work around Arcade and purchased an 80-tonner, so things appear to be looking up.

Does anyone know the status of #111 for a fact? Is it just mothballed because of the "new" 80-tonner, or is there something wrong with it?
  by ctclark1
No info from Pat (BSOR Patarak) yet on the status of 111, he's generally our "source inside" the A&A. This is just speculation, but I'd lean towards a solution such as Benjamin posted about in the pictures thread - limited amount of space in the engine house. With 14 and 18 already taking up 2 bays, it's probably a tight squeeze already to get the unnumbered 80-tonner and 112 in the last bay as it is.
Additionally, in Chris's picture showing 111 outside with the windows boarded, it also appears that the lone tender is also sitting outside as well. Another thought I have, based on how large I understand the 80-tonner to be, is that the 80-t takes up a whole bay by itself, so perhaps the tender was also left outside so 112 and 18 could share a bay. With no space left for 111 it may have been better to board up the windows before the harsh winter and 112 will handle freight alone until 113/4 is ready to go.

Again, just speculation. Technically nothing has been officially announced, although the A&A tends to remain fairly reserved when it comes to releases regarding the freight operations.

Another note regarding 111, I don't remember when the last major work was done on it. I know 112's engines were overhauled at North Java a few years ago. It's also possible 111 will be going to Reisdorf for similar work with 113/4 coming into play, as well. More speculation.
  by mkirsch
Here's to hoping they just boarded it up because the freight traffic to the feed mill is more than the little 44-tonner can handle without making multiple trips, and that's why they purchased the 80-tonner.

I wouldn't doubt but old 111 is getting a little tired regardless. More speculation of course.
  by thebigham
I am thebigham. LOL
  by thebigham
Retired #111 is stored in front of the Arcade enginehouse:

http://photos.greatrails.net/s/?p=226461" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by Benjamin Maggi
How sad. She was my favorite. Hopefully she won't be sold for scrap.
  by thebigham
#111 has been taken out of storage and is back in service!
  by Benjamin Maggi
  by tjflynn
Great news - and if they're looking for 44-tonner parts to keep it going, we have plenty of spares in Port Stanley.