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  by Pullman
Looking for some information on the former CN Pullman 10-6 Sleeper "Hay River".

Specifically, what date it came from CN to VIA; when it was sold by VIA and to whom was it sold?

I already know these details:

Built by Pullman in 1948 as the "Scioto River", one of 97 cars for the Great Steel Fleet. Sold to CN in 1965. From CN to VIA. Date uncertain. Sold by VIA to a private individual, date uncertain. In 1987, sold to New Georgia Railroad and became their #2000. Sold 1993 to private owner, converted to sleeper lounge by removal of 9 of 10 roomettes. Known as "Palmetto State", based out of Easley, South Carolina. Sold 2006 to current owner. Rebuilt and painted back into NYC two-tone gray. Named "Two Rivers". Based out of Woodland, CA.

Thanks in advance,

Roger Colton