Austin Tx Action

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Austin Tx Action

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Hey all.....
Im heading to Austin next week. Any good locations, yards or areas to check out? Im not sure if any shortlines have facilities in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Austin Tx Action

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The amount of train traffic in Austin is not high, with just the Union Pacific RR running through it on the one remaining Class I line. The nearest main freight yards are located in San Antonio or Temple. There isn't even a good interchange yard within Austin. CapMetro owns the local shortline. Most railroad operations concern through freight on the UP line, and anywhere near it will see the same number of trains. So where is the best location to view the trains, the rail bridge across the Colorado River near the Amtrak train station should be as great as anywhere else with its rather slow 90 degree curve on the northern approaches to the bridge. CapMetro rail trains can best be seen as it approaches any of its stations.

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