Wabtec-GE deal could put autonomous train technology on fast

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Re: Wabtec-GE deal could put autonomous train technology on

Post by Dan Robirds » Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:56 pm

Recently talked to someone at GE-Digital regarding DPU/Locotrol. Also asked what the thought about merger. They specifically mentioned that they could not get funding to develop autonomous train control from GE corporate, but they did not hesitate to spend millions developing a new jet engine.

Not sure what will happen as a result of merger. A friend works for Wabtec/MPI and so far they are holding their breathe not sure how they will fit in the combined company.

The US freight railroads billions of dollars investment in PTC was for two reasons - much of their exisitng signal system was ready for redesign, upgrading or replacement anyway. PTC will be part of their leverage to be able implement single person train crews while retaining the current level of safety.

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