Time To Call Your Broker

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Time To Call Your Broker

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The Wall Street Journal's "Heard On The Street" column recently had a quite favorable column regarding the outlook for NSC:

https://www.wsj.com/articles/this-railr ... 1536226383" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Fair Use:
..One concern is valuation. Norfolk Southern trades at 18 times forward earnings, a touch higher than the S&P 500 at 17 times. But the capital-intensive nature of railways—and their position atop a crucial logistics bottleneck—means they can do well when the economy is running hot, rising variable costs are hitting competitors and spare capacity is limited. Investors should consider hopping aboard.
Might just be time to call your broker (or nowadays, log on).

Engineer Spike
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Re: Time To Call Your Broker

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I’ve been a NS investor for quite some time. My wife is too, and I’m trying to get her to buy more. Quite some years ago, when I hired out, my father decided to buy some railroad stock. This move was against his advisor’s advice back then. This initial investment has netted some good returns over the years. He ended up with some nice Berkshire shares from Uncle Warren’s premium buyout of BNSF, but NS has been a good investment too. I think he bought in at about $35/share.

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