Columbia, SC "Issues" with CSX and NS

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Columbia, SC "Issues" with CSX and NS

Post by Jeff Smith » Thu May 24, 2018 9:57 am ... 48264.html" onclick=";return false;
Sick of Columbia trains? Let's talk about it. No, really — this is your chance
The S.C. Department of Transportation wants to know what you think about the trains and railroads running through downtown Columbia. A public meeting on June 5 could be one of the first steps toward an eventual solution to downtown's frequent train traffic tie-ups.

Vehicles in the Assembly Street corridor, from Blossom Street to beyond Rosewood Drive, frequently come to a halt when trains from CSX and Norfolk Southern cross, and often stop on, railroad tracks that sit on the major downtown thoroughfares.
At the upcoming SCDOT forum, from 5-7 p.m. June 5 at Seawell's on Rosewood Drive, transportation officials will gather information from residents about problems they face traveling in the Assembly Street corridor and solutions they might hope to see. There also is an online public opinion survey accessible now at
Through the years, officials have suggested multiple fixes that include consolidating and rerouting some Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads and lowering or raising some tracks above or below the roadway. But then, as now, money has been a barrier.
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Re: Columbia, SC "Issues" with CSX and NS

Post by Gadfly » Thu May 24, 2018 3:59 pm

That would be the obvious solution. Elevating or tunneling the roadway. Question is, WHO is on the hook to pay for it? The ironic thing is, and chances are, the tracks were there first. The city then built up around them. The railroad was the key to their economy, the city AND the railroad encouraged & solicited business to locate there (easy access), and NOW it is the villain. Its like the airport where people, knowing FULL WELL there was an airport there, located right next and under the flight paths. Now they DEMAND to be PAID for their own stupidity.

It really is NOT the railroads' responsibility to foot the bill. And they shouldn't HAVE to. Ultimately, they will end up paying SOME portion of the cost to alleviate some 4-eyed, 9 to 5 office clerks' commutes! :(

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