Has the MBTA Gotten "Boring"?

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Re: Has the MBTA Gotten "Boring"?

Post by RailBus63 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:42 pm

It's human nature. Everything is exciting and new when enthusiasts are young and first discovering things. Then our favorite vehicles from childhood are discarded and the new stuff just doesn't seem that interesting. For the next generation though, those new fleets are what they grew up with. I'm old enough to remember an entire generation hating the Boeing LRV's for replacing the colorful PCC fleet. I continued to photograph the Green Line and grew to like the Boeings over time and kind of chuckled when many fans reacted to their passing out of service the same way the older fans did with the PCC's.

Someday, fans who are probably still in diapers now will go nuts chasing the last runs of such 'boring' vehicles as the Type 8's and Kawasaki double-deck coaches. It's the Railfan Circle of Life :-D

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