Timeline of Historic Events Updated

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Timeline of Historic Events Updated

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Hey guys,
I've finally got around to updating the list of historic events for South Jersey on SJRail.com...previously it listed about 45 important dates in the history of South Jersey. Now, it lists 75 items of interest which happened in the past here in South Jersey. This information was gathered from a number of books and publications, and company materials from the WJS, ACRR, PRSL, and Conrail. I've had the information since a research blitz I did about a year before I moved to FL, but just got around to actually adding the new stuff to the website now.

The timeline is available at:


If anyone has any dates that they'd like to see added to the list, feel free to shoot me an email - any corrections, please do so also.


Mike DiMunno
SJRA / SJRail.com
~Mike DiMunno
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