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Re: CMSL Tuckahoe - Richland Service

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I was down there this past weekend. I again was disappointed in seeing NOTHING running!
I am a great supporter of this line and rode it last time it ran into Cape May..this is nuts though..promises of dates..trackage out...bridges out again.
To the person who said.."why not volunteer" ..I didn't know they needed volunteers..I thought this was an outfit that hired real people to work there. The problem I see it is a lack of communication..and the news that does come out is always wrong. Just be up front and real. Don't give us false promises of hope of trains running. And if volunteers are needed to get a section of track back in tact..pick a it and we all show up. Enough is enough
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Re: CMSL Tuckahoe - Richland Service

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Trainlawyer wrote:Gentlemen;

I may have more to say on this after I do some due diligence but in the interim would somebody please show me where CMSL rather than a third party has advertised that service has begun?

I would like to see them running also as I have some historic connection to Cape May and still visit occasionally.Taking my grandchildren for a ride on the railroad (perhaps even in the same Budd Car) which I rode when I first traveled to Cape May to meet my future in-laws appeals to me but I do not claim an inherent right as a railfan to do so. Remember that CMSL has to make money to operate and that the market base for an operation such as theirs is tourists, not railfans.

Certainly there is quite a bit that can be done better, but that is true of every human endeavor.

Perhaps Ironghost will be good enough to give us a heads up when the operating issues are resolved.

I think you have it wrong...CMSL has to operate to make money, not the other way around. The quote about them starting service was in a newspaper article quoting the Mayor who is responsible for the Richland Village idea. It was posted on townships website too about the Easter Trains.

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Re: CMSL Tuckahoe - Richland Service

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Possible grounds for a waiver of the 2 track inspections per week for passenger trains would be to ask for a waiver allowing passenger trains to run less than 5 days after the last track inspection. If only weekend service is operated, and the weekly inspection required for freight operation is done on Thursdays, it might be a reasonable claim that a nearly equivalent level of passenger train safety would be provided with 1 as with 2 inspections per week. 2 per week can't be on consecutive days, and the railroad unions might not like their members to work weekends, so the 2nd weekly inspection might not be much help to weekend passenger train safety. Thursday inspections would leave Fridays for possible repair of discovered defects.

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Re: CMSL Tuckahoe - Richland Service

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