Passenger coaches for caboose on piggyback?

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Passenger coaches for caboose on piggyback?

Post by NKP1155 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:30 pm

Did the DL&W or Erie or E-L run piggyback trains using a passenger coach for the rear end crew? Or did some passenger trains include piggyback flats in the consist? I have a photo of a TTX flat with trailer with a DLW coach coach coupled to the rear. The train is on a bridge and shows no more of the consist than half the flat and the coach. WJP

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Re: Passenger coaches for caboose on piggyback?

Post by NorthWest » Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:25 pm

It may have been a mail train that carried a rider coach for whatever passengers that wanted to brave the often slow timetables of those trains. It would help to know the era and type of trailer to be sure.

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Re: Passenger coaches for caboose on piggyback?

Post by johnpbarlow » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:41 am

In the early '60s, EL operated a pair of Hoboken-Chicago mail and express trains, originally known as the Atlantic Express (eb - #8) and Pacific Express (wb - #7). The trains typically comprised 10+ cars with one or more steam heat pass-through equipped dual trailer piggyback/container flats and either an ex-Erie Stilwell rider coach or ex-DL&W unstreamlined coach bringing up the rear. Tickets were sold to passengers until 1965 but as there was no dining accommodation on board, the EL timetables indicated food could be purchased at various stations during 15-30 minutes stops where mail load/unloading/switching activity was significant (Binghamton, Youngstown, Marion). After 1965 these trains continued to operate as trains #3 and #4 with roughly the same consist but without carrying passengers until some time in the later '60s when they were discontinued.

Here's a link to a relevant article on the Model Railroader web site that includes a picture of a typical Pacific Express consist: ... operations

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