Callicoon Depot Siding to be Removed

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Callicoon Depot Siding to be Removed

Post by grumpyoldman » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:09 am

As part of an upgrade to the RR crossing in Callicoon the town is preparing to remove the siding adjacent to the old Erie depot despite objections from Jim Wilson of NY & Greenwood Lake RR "fame" and now proprietor of a pub in town. He submitted his objections in a letter to the board which begins:
NY Susquehanna & Western Railway (NYS&W) announced they're planning on removing the Callicoon siding without giving consideration to how detrimental this action is to this community and repercussions in the future. This siding is an important and unused asset in Sullivan County.
The New York & Greenwood Lake Railway (parent company of Callicoon Brewing Company) has made an offer to the Norfolk Southern Railway, owner of the track, for the purchase of the rail siding in Callicoon. - See more at: ... lU0sY.dpuf" onclick=";return false;

This action by the town pretty much drives a stake into the heart of any future plans Mr. Wilson may actually have for storage or use of NYGL's equipment in this neighborhood. Sadly, it is quietly rusting away down in Port Jervis and indeed has been the object of vandalism. Mr. Wilson's credibility regarding the RR has probably been damaged by his false start on renovating the tumbledown Olympia Hotel in town and having a NYGL office, RR museum and the brewpub (which he opened in the old firehouse) situated there.

Here is a photo of JW's "Chestnut Hill" on the Callicoon siding back in 2006. ... ch48-M.jpg" onclick=";return false;


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