Engine compartment fires

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Engine compartment fires

Post by trainiac »

The FDL engine in Dash-8, Dash-9 and AC units was known to develop rare (but consistent) engine compartment fires, apparently generally caused by fractured high-pressure fuel lines.

However, I was somewhat surprised a few days ago to see a Tier 4 CN ET44AC with what appeared to be the telltale fire damage to the center section of the hood, mainly on the lower 2/3 of about four of the central engine compartment doors. I was driving on a highway so I couldn't get the locomotive's number, but unless my eyes completely deceived me the scorched paint was very obvious. The unit appeared to be running - it was one of two units leading a mainline freight - and I haven't been able to find any references online to fires on GE Tier 4 units.

Perhaps this was an unusual occurrence - does anybody have an idea as to whether this is a known problem?
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Re: Engine compartment fires

Post by DutchRailnut »

Any four stroke diesel, if not maintained right is at risk, not just a FDL.

could be lack of replacement parts or poor decision making by shop.
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