Fifty years ago... 1960 L&HR centennial excursions

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Fifty years ago... 1960 L&HR centennial excursions

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In 1960, June 6 was a Saturday, and I was 13. The L&HR celebrated the centennial of its founding as the Warwick Valley Railroad with two passenger excursions (originally planned to be one 20 car train; ticket demand caused them to add a second section).

The passenger cars were rented from the Erie, and Reading 4-8-4 #2124 was rented for the day. Because of the second section, two of the RS-3's, #3 and #10, were repainted into a simplified scheme for the excursion. Power was swapped at either end of the run (Maybrook and Belvedere) so everyone got to ride behind steam.

In addition to riding (second section), my father, brother and I spent several hours before and after the runs at the shops, hovering around (and in the cab of) the 2124.

Obviously, a day not to be forgotten...


Re: Fifty years ago...

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I rode this excursion as well, at age 16. It was sobering to see the ripped-up ROW just south of the DL&W New Jersey Cutoff a few years ago, with two dead signals (since removed) serving nothing.

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