Phillipsburg Rail Service—Four Years, $90 Million

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Re: Phillipsburg Rail Service—Four Years, $90 Million

Post by SemperFidelis » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:10 am

Moderators: Feel free to remove this snark. No childish cries of "censorship" will bellow forth from my keyboard. ☺. I was just having a touch of fun at the expense of an agency that must pride itself on the slowness of its trains.

If operated by New Jersey transit, simply use one of the following formulae:

P= (Hrt x 1.15) + 17 minutes

P= (Att x 1.83) + (Hrt ÷ 5.2)

P= (Pbt x 1.67) + (Hrt ÷ 3.1)


P= Time to NY Penn Station
Hrt= Historic best run time CRRNJ Allentown to Jersey City Terminal
Art= Average automobile travel time
Pbt= Public or Private bus scheduled travel time

Tl;dr : As an NJT operation, it will be somewhat slower than it used to be. It will also be MUCH slower than driving or taking the bus.

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Re: Phillipsburg Rail Service—Four Years, $90 Million

Post by NYS&W142Fan » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:50 am

Earlier this week, just after lunch I made the run from P-burg to Woodbridge, using 78 to 287 to 9. 58 miles and it took me one hour. Coming back taking the same routing in reverse, it took me an hour and forty five minutes and a whole lot of "aggravation". All because of one accident. While if everything goes well, driving can be quicker, most time letting someone else drive and I'm not talking about a bus, is a lot easier and a whole lot less stressful!

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