Arrow I & II questions

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Arrow I & II questions

Post by TSTII » Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:46 am

1) The first Arrows ( II's ? ) to enter service on NJT, the horns were located down and behind the coupler and though you could hardly see them, had 2 larger cones and a deep tone. Why were they located there and what type were they ?

2) The next Arrows ( III's ? ), 2 smaller horns were located on the roof above the engineer. They had a high pitch and weren't very loud. What was their official type ?

3) Lastly, why were the Arrows not equipped with warning bells ? AIR, just prior to entering service, NJT distributed flyers warning commuters that these 'new' cars/trains ran very quiet....compared to the ex-Lackawanna MU's - which clattered and rattled along the rails.

Much thanks for any comments and corrections.

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Re: Arrow I & II questions

Post by amtrakhogger » Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:40 pm

Answer to #2. AFAIK, the horn type is a WABCO AA-2.
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Re: Arrow I & II questions

Post by chrisf » Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:33 pm

TSTII wrote: Lastly, why were the Arrows not equipped with warning bells ?
MUs don't need to have bells." onclick=";return false;

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