Positive Train Control (PTC) Status and Potential Amtrak Ban

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Re: Positive Train Control (PTC) Status and Potential Amtrak

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Ken W2KB wrote:
lensovet wrote:the PTC ban would affect lines that touch the NEC. that's why RVL, Main/Bergen, and Boonton trains are not affected. my completely uninformed guess is that one of the M&E Hoboken trains used to turn into a Main/Bergen train. since that's canceled, they need an MN train to replace it, and therefore have to kill the MN express on PVL.
All RVL trains utilize the NEC for the final mile or so to Newark Penn and most if not all also beyond Penn to the NEC to the Harrison yard, and some off peak to NYP.
true, but i suspect there is more "slack" diesel equipment than electrics.
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