Grand Central Named National Historical Engineering Landmark

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Grand Central Named National Historical Engineering Landmark

Post by MNCRR9000 » Sun May 13, 2012 7:08 pm

From the MTA website:
GCT joins the Erie Canal and Hoover Dam on the American Society of Civil engineers' list of civil engineering landmarks.

The Terminal has long been recognized as an architectural landmark. It also is a triumph in civil engineering—a fact that goes unnoticed because much of the engineering work that went into the design and construction of the Terminal is hidden from public view.

ASCE President Andrew W. Herrmann noted that Grand Central Terminal joins other American engineering marvels such as the Washington Monument and the Erie Canal, as well as the Brooklyn, George Washington and Golden Gate Bridges.

The endlessly adaptable Terminal functions as well today as it did the day it opened.

"It has metamorphosed from the grand gateway to the continent to the bustling center of New York City, from long-distance train station to regional nexus linking the northern suburbs to Manhattan," said Howard Permut, President of Metro-North Railroad, which oversees, maintains, and manages Grand Central.

The Terminal handles more trains each day than ever before and its retail component is more vibrant and varied than ever, drawing local and international visitors.
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