Why no premium class of service on commuter trains?

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Re: Why no premium class of service on commuter trains?

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Ridgefielder wrote: It was places like Bedford Hills, New Canaan and Southport that supported club cars back in the NYC/NH days, and they could probably do so again.
Never say Never but.... It will "never" happen. MTA board members have made is very clear that they do not support the club cars or bar carts of years past. Even though it was the only department within Metro North that operated in the black, it is their belief, that a public agency should not sell alcohol. On a positive note, since the disbandment of the bar carts, passengers have adjusted and the tendants with in Grand Central's sales have florished.

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Re: Why no premium class of service on commuter trains?

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There are plenty of middle and upper class people who travel to outlying areas because they may either live there year round or they have a county home. It happens a lot on the Upper Harlem very close to the end of the line.

It's not the worst thing in the world that bar car service has been eliminated. It's great that at the nicest train terminal in the USA, there are plenty of places to get drinks for your train ride home. If you want a more comfier ride, take Amtrak if you can. The Rhinecliff platform sees plenty of usage for people heading to and from the city, even though it's 18 miles from Poughkeepsie Station.

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