Toss your New Haven line schedule

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Toss your New Haven line schedule

Post by MP 0.1 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:46 am

Trains from/to Fairfield have been late by at least 15 minutes every single rush-hour since 12/2/13. This morning's 6:40 train is running 20 minutes behind schedule. Yay MNRR!

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Re: Toss your New Haven line schedule

Post by DutchRailnut » Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:23 am

Its the new Blumethal/Shumer speed control system, they open cake hole next the speed drops.
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Re: Toss your New Haven line schedule

Post by Clean Cab » Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:05 am

If you're so unhappy with their service, no one is forcing you to ride the trains. With all that has happened to MN these past few months, you're lucky trains are running at all. Hopefully things will get better soon.
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