Hamptons Reserve Service Questions

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Hamptons Reserve Service Questions

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I am contemplating booking a Hamptons Reserve ticket for the Cannonball East just to try it out and have a few questions that I was hoping someone would know the answers to. I understand that Seasonal Reservations are sold out, but Weekly Reservations appear to still be bookable. What I can't find anywhere at http://web.mta.info/lirr/hamptons/reserveservice.htm is which weeks are sold out. Apparently, the procedure is to fill out a form and provide your credit card number. I assume that if that particular week is sold out, they will notify me and simply not charge my card. Does anyone know if that's a correct assumption? My second questions is regarding the seat - does anyone know of a way to reserve a particular seat or are seat assignments given at boarding and you get assigned wherever the crew tells you to sit? I would like to indicate that I prefer a window seat if at all possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hamptons Reserve Service Questions

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Read the link that you sent, this is a information phone number that is operable Monday to Thursday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
They can answer your question, and in fact that phone line is only for inquires, all booking is done on line.

If you can't access 511 from your phone, call the main switchboard at 718-217-5477.


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Re: Hamptons Reserve Service Questions

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Every question you asked is answered in the link you provided.

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