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Sunbury Sub

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What is the length of the Sunbury Subdivision. One end is in Binghamton, where is the other end? How many sidings does it have and what kind of train count does it average per day?

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Re: Sunbury Sub

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The other end of the Sunbury sub is at Sunbury, PA where it connects in with the NS Buffalo-Harrisburg line. Im not sure of the exact mileage but it somewhere around 140 miles end to end. There are 3 controlled sidings between Binghamton and Scranton at Hallstead PA, Hop Bottom, PA and LaPlume/Dalton PA. I think there are 3 or 4 more between Scranton and Sunbury. Train counts vary but about 5-6 a day south of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and 10-12 a day north of Scranton (About half of the traffic splits off at DuPont/Wilkes-Barre and uses the R&N/NS tracks to the Allentown area). Thats the basics, someone else can fill in the details.

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Re: Sunbury Sub

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According to my 2005 ETT the distance from Binghamton to CP Kase is 131.8 miles, that's not mileposts. There are or were two long sidings between Buttonwood and CP Kase, but one siding is right at Sunbury. There is a third siding, North Shore Siding between MP 749.4 and MP 750, but at 2760' its usefulness is limited.

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