Eastern Canadian railfan ideas?

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Eastern Canadian railfan ideas?

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(I originally posted this on the Canadian railfan forum, but after about 1/2 a month, it has received no replies only a handful of views, so I thought I would repackage it to the CN/CP lists.)

Its been a little over 10 years since I last visited Canada. Way to long, but my last trip was a goodie, an epic two week trip to Cartier and QNSL.

Here is my question, I have not seen a lot written (in print) recently about mainlines in the easier to reach sections of Canada--ie close to the border. On prior trips I have covered Montreal (did the dual mains west of the island) and Toronto/Bayview quite well and I am not opposed to doing some of that again for updated coverage. However other than those areas I am at a loss for good places to go. My closest point of entry is Buffalo. I know very little about Toronto to Detroit and the tunnel to the US. Is that area worthy of exploration?

What are the mains between Montreal and Toronto like as far as scenery and train volume? (FYI: I am not looking for a place to sit and wait all day and let the trains come to me, I am OK with moving around to do my photography.)

I would love to go to White River/Sunbury, ON but that is out for this trip.

It is longer but not out of the question to head more toward Montreal.

Given the above zone of easy driving to Canada what would you folks recommend as several several places to go? My priorities are scenery first, neat operations second and yards last.


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