CP Rail SD40-2 Question(s)

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CP Rail SD40-2 Question(s)

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At one time, the CPR had a sizable fleet of these workhouse EMD’s. How many remain on the roster? Also, is there a way to track the disposition of those units now retired?
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Re: CP Rail SD40-2 Question(s)

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There were 28 active SD40-2s, 10 rebuilt SD40-3s, and of course the 50 SD40-2s rebuilt to SD30C-ECOs. There are about a dozen stored SD40-2s.

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Re: CP Rail SD40-2 Question(s)

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I miss the days of getting a quartet of SD40s out of St-Luc.

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Re: CP Rail SD40-2 Question(s)

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I'm noticing that most of the assignments that these legends are assigned to nowadays are maintinence trains. There are still some here and there on regular freights but they are becoming more of a rare sight every day.
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Re: CP Rail SD40-2 Question(s)

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There are at least 2 SD40s assigned to Revelstoke BC.

BTW, if you're interested watching live RR ops in deep, deep snow, check out the Revelstoke live rail cam on Youtube:
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