Help with CP MOW train

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Help with CP MOW train

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The linked pictures show a CP MOW train that propelled into Field, BC today, probably having come from Golden (we haven't spotted or heard it during the last week in daylight hours). The consist is:
CP 420986 (Caboose)
CP 301638 (Modified flat car)
CP 417480 (Modified gondola)
3x TILX 300xxx LPG tanks
3x Coal Gondolas
CP 2314

The flat car has a caboose-like structure added on one end (and a toilet at the other!), whilst the gondola has had a superstructure added with a small shed, side curtains, and a roof walkway. There are also a couple of windows/slots cut into the side.

The best guess we came up with is that the train was being used to supply LPG/propane to switch heaters and similar (the coal gondolas being bad order cars that were picked up en route), but it seems like a very elaborate setup for this, nor do the two MOW cars obviously look like they could be used for fuel transfer.

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