CP 9100's coming back

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CP 9100's coming back

Post by lock4244 »

If you hog for CP, you'll likely be less than thrilled to know that some of the 9100 series SD90MAC's are being placed back in service to deal with a power shortage that has also lead to the resurrection of most of the former SOO SD60's. As I write this, word is that CP 9108, 9134, 9142 and 9157 are at the shop in Winterpeg for a once over. IIRC, all of these are US lead equipped. Sorry to be the bearer of bad new :wink:

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Re: CP 9100's coming back

Post by Jmusolf »

I wonder if CP engineers are collectively groaning upon seeing this thread title hahaha. I have heard nothing but bad things from engineers about the CP 90MAC's.

Anyway, here's hoping they put one on the DM&E, would love to see those since I haven't seen them since the early 2000s or so.

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Re: CP 9100's coming back

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I've seen several in St. Luc . One came down the D&H recently. What's so bad about them? I liked the BN 70MAC better than the AC4400, especially the 9500 and 9600 classes, where everything in the cab rattles.

I like the. high 8700 class with the control stands, 8800, 8900, and 9300 best. They are much better than the imitation Chevy 70-2, and 70ace.

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Re: CP 9100's coming back

Post by MEC407 »

If they're anything like the CIT/CEFX and UP SD90MACs, they probably "hunt" quite badly.
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