Axle Counts for Amtrak on Host Roads

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Re: Axle Counts for Amtrak on Host Roads

Post by bretton88 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:56 pm

mmi16 wrote:
east point wrote:Maybe the requirements come from the crossing signal detection systems use the older fixed distance crossing circuits that work thru track occupancy detection ? It may be the newer tone signal detection is not installed on those lines yet ?
B&O when the got their Budd RDC cars back in the 50's discovered that a single car would operate through the relay detected track occupancy sections at track speed (79 MPH) too quickly to permit the relays to respond and thus would not leave Red Signals behind their operation. I am not aware of problems operating crossing protection but that does not mean there weren't issues. As a result the B&O restricted single unit movements (Budd RDC's or Locomotives) to 30 MPH. Two RDC's or a Locomotive and one car were not restricted and could operate at track speed. These restrictions carried through on to CSX, at least until I retired in December 2016. What has happened post EHH I don't have any facts.

If CN & UP signal systems actually require 24 or more axle movements to properly activate - they must be using sand falling through an hourglass to activate their systems.

More likely, with both CN & UP being on the anti-Amtrak side of the equation they are just arbitrarily ordering it to run up Amtrak operating costs.
I think UP is a little more professional than that. They aren't pro Amtrak, but they also aren't hostile anymore. CN though flat out hates Amtrak and has publicly stated they regret allowing the second Carbondale train, so I wouldn't put it past them.

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